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Just imagine: you are sincere and friendly and you want to feed the whole world with tasty potato pancakes. It makes no sense cooking them yourself, but it may make sense to teach someone the recipe. You create a potato-pancake-blog and you are eager to add someone's video, some cool photos from the Internet and step-by-step instructions, developed by the cook of the best canteen in the city. It would have been OK, but copyright watches you and threatens "well, well, well, try it and we'll see how it turns out".

What is Creative Commons?

"But I'll try it anyway" - replied to copyright Lawrence Lansing, professor of law, and in 2001 launched Creative Commons (CC) - non-profit organisation, which developed free to use public licenses. With the help of these licenses authors can clearly and accessibly express their views on products and share them more widely and freely.

Талерка з бульбай
Новыя аўтарскія правы

Why is Falanster engaged in this?

We also like potato pancakes :) And we sincerely wish to popularize the ideas of simplifying legislation, which will lead to more open access to content. Falanster is the subsidiary of Creative Commons in Belarus (hashtag #ccbelarus). We believe that CC licenses are the future of the relationships between authors and users, and copyright is not progressive, outdated and old-fashioned. We actively support research and studies of application of legal mechanisms, which allow us to overcome barriers of copyright.

Why do we need to do that?

In severe conditions of copyright it may be impossible to enjoy the tasty potato pancakes.
So we should not only sow the bed with good seeds, but also create favorable conditions for their growth.

СDevelopment of favorable conditions for creation, knowledge transfer, economic relations built on open principles are the main goals of "Hradka" project.

The recipe of potato pancakes is widely known, but in order to make food tasty and organic, we should look after it properly.

Who we work with?



Falanster conducts free consultations about usage of CC licenses for:
representatives of public initiatives
non-profit organizations
bloggers, journalists
authors (musicians, writers, film-makers, etc)
scientists and researchers

Internships and volunteering

We offer expansion of research experience of work with CC licenses for undergraduates, young specialists and researchers. Here you can:
get a topic of a course work or a diploma
complete the internship
volunteer directly in the organisation

Lectures, presentations and promotion

The team of Falanster gives lectures and workshops for communities
workers of libraries, museums, galleries
all interested.

Results of work on "Hradka"

Organisation. In addition to creation of Creative Commons subsidiary (2014) a couple of initiatives and authors use Creative Commons in their activity, principles of open access and free use of content are becoming widespread.

Media. The topic of Creative Commons licenses is now more than just academic research, it has become to appear regularly not only on a number of thematic conferences and round tables, but has begun to sound in public institutions and the media.

Law. It's very likely that in 2018 there will be changes in copyright law which set open licenses as an accepted instrument for authors, and in our opinion we contributed to this changes. But still there is a lot of work on "Hradka" to be done.

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